The Continuing Misadventures of a 40K Noob

Thursday, February 25, 2010

More painting, and a couple of 400 pt. ideas

Did some more painting last night, and I can honestly say I seem to be getting better with each model as I get more used to handling the models. Everything will be below average tabletop quality, but I'll get better. I'll post the pics of my first and most recent space marine and see if there's much difference to people other than myself.

As to the 400 pt army for the escalation tourney, thanks to those who have given me army ideas. I put together 2 armies last night that meet the rules for Combat Patrol. see what you think:

Army 1

10 Man Tactical Squad (2 - 5 man teams) - 170 pts
5 Man Scout Squad - 75 pts.
1 Rhino Transport (gotta' move those marines) - 35 pts
3 Attack Bike Squad (no multi-melta) - 120 pts.

That's 400 on the nose.

Army 2

10 Man Tactical Squad (2 - 5 man teams) - 170 pts
5 Man Scout Squad - 75 pts.
1 Rhino - 35 pts.
5 Man Devastator squad - 90 pts.
2 extra scouts w/Sniper Rifles - 26 pts

396 Points on that one.

If I could I'd love to somehow work my Chaplain on his bike in but for the life of me I can't figure it out.

All feedback is welcome as the countdown to the first game is less that 6 days away....


  1. I think you should go with the second list since the devastators will give you a good base of firepower that should be able to dominate a 3'x4' board. It might also be worthwhile to lose the 2 scouts (can you take 2 scouts as a unit in combat patrol?) to give the Devastators 2 heavy bolters (currently they are just basic marines from the points cost) this will give you light antivehicle and heavy anti troop. Depending on your plans for the scout squad you may want to give them a heavy bolter too. At this point you'll be losing your rhino or reducing your devastators to one HB in which case just take standard SMs - scoring unit and put a heavy bolter in your 10 man SM squad.

  2. Good Ideas. I added the 2 scouts in order to flood the board with firepower, but I like the idea of adding heavy weaponry, just not at the expense of the Rhino which I need to get those marines in the fight fast.

  3. I wouldn't bank too heavily on that rhino for mobility, they are quite vulnerable and with just one its dangerous to rely on averages. There are other ways to slice this. How about using the 10 man tacticals as your base of fire with a heavy bolter and maybe a plasma gun for antitank (melta is overkill given the AV33 environment) -180 points. Then gear your scounts for close assault (combat blades, SS - combi flamer) since they can infiltrate and use scout to get up close and personal -85 points. That leaves you 135 points which is just enough for an assault squad with a flamer and power fist or two plasma pistols - one on sergeant and meltabomb. This build still allows you to get in your enemy's face if you wish, but without relying on the survival of a single vehicle (it also means that all the enemy's antitank is wasted as you have no vehicles). For a more standoffy build give the scouts camo cloaks and a heavy bolter and lose 15 points of toys elsewhere.