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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Painting Frenzy (Sort Of)

Well, the escalation tournament starts next week, so I'm painting like a banshee trying to get my army at least all in the same color armour.

The first part of the tourney is 2 games played under Combat Patrol rules. No more than 400 points, no more than 2 wounds, must take a troop choice, HQ choice is optional, etc (you can look it up on Google if you need more info).

I still haven't come up with my army list yet, but a 10 man tactical squad is a must, and a scout team, or course.

Anybody else have any 400 point ideas???

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  1. 10 man tac- 170 split them into 5's I squad with a flamer and one with a melta. Can't remember the costs.
    Chaplain standard-100
    Rhino-35 throw the 5 w/flamer and sgt with powr weapon and the chaplain in the rhino. They run out fast and assault. The chaplain comes standard with the power weapon crozius. PLus the litanies for re-rolls on the assault. Use the other 5 to pop stuff and provide cover.
    Your at about 340ish give ro take right here so 60 points to throw in something. Great spot for a pred but you cant use it.
    maybe a razorback with hvy bolter turret-40 throw the other 5 in that. Then throw a storm bolter on each tank.
    Just a thought.