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Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 1, Closer (Slightly) to Ready to Go

So Sunday was the first day (since my army assessment) that I had a chance to do any army work.  Saturday was full (as I figured it would be) and Sunday was full enough that I had to shoe-horn in some 40K army work where I could.  Keeping in mind the list from the previous post, here's what I got done yesterday.  I'll get some pics up tomorrow along with tomorrow's update as there really wasn't much to photograph yesterday.

HQ:  Captain - Now primed.

HQ:  Chaplain -  I went ahead and stripped the Chaplain.  It went pretty well, and I went ahead and primed it last night.  I think I can get the HQ units painted up tonight and, these being the most detailed jobs ahead, will certainly be a load off my mind.

Elite 1:  5 Man Termie Squad - These were painted and primed, but it dawned on me that the weapon combo I selected for my sergeant was not available on a helmeted model (I refuse to send any unit into battle without a helmet, my reasons for doing so will be covered in  a later blog).  After my discovery, I decided to tackle my first "conversion" (although what little I did probably doesn't qualify).  All my terminators are from the AoBR set, so I had to saw the arms off the helmet-less Terminator Sergeant and attach them to a helmeted model.  The sawing/replacing went more smoothly than I had thought, and I now have the sergeant with a helmet I desired.  I re-primed him, and they are in the painting "bullpen" at the moment, waiting for the HQ choices to be completed.

Fast Attack 1:  5 Man Assault Squad - BUILT!!  A minor triumph, but a triumph nonetheless.

And that was it for Sunday.  Considering all the other things that landed on my plate yesterday I'm pretty pleased with what I got accomplished.  Of course the elephant in the room is the unpainted Predator, the UNBUILT Predator, and the Whirlwind with only the left track assembly done.  I've got them on the schedule and I will get this done prior to Saturday if I have to break the laws of physics to do it!!

Back tomorrow with updates and pics!

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