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Friday, May 28, 2010

Combat Patrol!!! This Weekend!!! Hurry, Hurry, Hurry and Step Right Up!! (Directly into the line of fire, if you're the Noob)

Nice long post title, eh?

If you couldn't figure it out from that, your friendly neighborhood Noob is playing a little CP this wekend. Several guys from my local 40K group, Adeptus North Texas, are getting together on Saturday and Sunday at one of our FLGS's, Xmax Games, to have a little Combat Patrol fun. Well, I don't know how much fun it will be for them as this little event was organized by yours Noob-ly so that I might be more prepared for my tournament debut at Astronomi-con.

In other Con news, I have been guaranteed by the organizers of Astronomi-con that I will indeed have fun. What they didn't mention was that while I'm having all this fun (oblivious to all the pain and suffering my opponents are going through as they gnash their collective teeth as they have to explain to me again, for the fifth time and we're only in Turn 2 (oh, dear Lord give me strength for a may just smite the Noob right here-and he's smiling again like a dementia patient-WHY WON'T HE JUST DIE ALREADY!!) that all men in a squad need to move as a squad, not just pell-mell like a jailbreak, and please, Noob, for the 10th time (and we're in Turn 3!! He has got to be the most absent minded noob I have ever seen! And is he CHEWING ON A TERMINATOR'S SWORD?? IS THAT MY TERMINATOR'S HEAD IN HIS MOUTH!?!?!?!?). That's what I'm sure the running internal dialog will be in my opponents' collective heads over June 19th and 20th.

Anyway, back to this weekend. I'm jumping in feet first into the deep end that is 40K with my very first official game with actual opponents (not the imaginary 40K games I have in my head where I win the US Grand Finals armed only with 2 Rhinos, 10 Tactical Marines, a broken Landspeeder, and two-fifths of the Legion of the Damned (5 man squad from "parts unknown"). The last part of the dream is technically, the most correct as I will be running a 5 man Legion of the Damned squad at Astronomi-con. Of course I'll be running more than 2 Rhinos, and in reality only one of my Landspeeders is missing a weapon. Oh, well, we'll have time to agonize over the army list for the Con plenty of times over the next couple of weeks.

In other Noob related news, the Venerable Dreadnaught (given the dazzling "embarrassment" paint job by yours truly, a paint job so bad that the brave, brave Space Marine who was being kept alive deep within the sarcophagus in the recesses of the Dreadnaught body actually used his powerfist to RIP OUT HIS OWN WIRES in an act of suicide rather than to spend another day wearing a paint job so bad even Orks made fun of him from a distance) has FINALLY been stripped and shipped.

We hope Matt from the Archangels Blog gives him the home (and paintjob) he deserves, so that brave Dreadnaught no longer feels suicide is the answer.

I'll follow up Monday with some Battle Reports on the Combat Patrol games. I'll be running up against 'Nids, Chaos Space Marines, Eldar, and Grey Knights that I know of, so join me back here to see how that pool of enemies smited your friendly (and Noob run) local Ultramarine chapter....

Until then, keep watching the skies!! For the burning wreckage of my Drop Pods!!

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  1. Lol, really funny write up... glad you saved that dreadnought from offing himself. Best of luck to you in getting ready for Astronomi-con. Combat patrol games are some of my favorite and are definitely a great way to refine your knowledge of how to play. It sounds like it should be a good weekend and a lot of fun.