The Continuing Misadventures of a 40K Noob

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Noob Goes to Astronomi-con

Yes indeed, folks, the Noob is playing in Astronomi-con, June 19 - 20, right here in my neck of the woods, Dallas. Now, many of you may be asking: "Noob, have you ever even played one game of 40K? Are all your figures painted? And have you lost your mind??" Well, folks, my answers are no, no, and maybe.

For those of you not aware, Astronomi-con is a story driven tournament, with 6 games being played over 2 days. Army size is 1,500 points, and I'll be playing Ultramarines (although I'm seriously thinking about switching to Dark Angels, only not the Ravenwing, but the Deathwing. Something about a table full of Terminators makes me happy, but I don't think I want to try and strip and paint my current set of Termies, not to mention I'll have to clear it with the wife to buy, oh, 6 to 8 boxes of new Terminators to the tune of roughly $300 to $400).

Now for my dilemma: what 1,500 points should I put in the table? I want to play a very basic army so my learning curve is shorter. I don't want to worry about psykers and what-not. Here is what I have available (some still need to be painted. And built.) to me:

2 SM Captains
40 SM Tacticals
10 SM Terminators (This is basically 2 Assault on Black Reach sets)
2 Whirlwinds
2 Predators
1 Razorback
5 Rhinos (3 w/ Smoke Launchers)
5 Legion of the Damned (includes Flamer and Melta)
25 Assault SM's
3 Land Speeders (with Bolters)
3 Dreadnaughts (2 from the AoBR set, one with missile launcher, all have power claw/fist)
1 Devastator Squad (5 men)
1 Techmarine w/ Bolter
1 set, Marneus Calgar and Honour Guard
5 SM Bikes (w/ Bolters)
2 Attack Bikes (w/ Bolter)
1 Apothecary

All have pretty much the basic weapons, nothing out of the ordinary. I'm doing this for fun and to learn so there's no need to worry about winning. I want to go basic and have a good learning experience.

With that in mind, who has any 1,500 point ideas???


  1. Do you have melta with the bikes and speeders available to be swapped? I might think about grabbing a drop pod to unleash one of those black reach dreads on the opponent.

    Anyway, I would bring two predators, the razorback and bubble wrap the troops you take. Then you can have fast melta with speeders and/or bikes. Your list should take what is fun and what you like though- that is more important than efficiency and redundancy.

    Go to Yes The Truth Hurts.com for list building ideas.
    Scroll down to space marines

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