The Continuing Misadventures of a 40K Noob

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Free "Pay it Forward" Giveaway

OK, OK, this is inspired by Santa Cruz Warhammer, and I'll use the same qualifiers as he does.

1. Post a comment with the name of your blog

2. Have a "pay it forward" giveaway of your own.

3. Follow my Blog

4. Leave a contact email so I can alert the winner.

Simple as that.

I'll leave this open until the 28th of April and then we'll draw a winner.

What's the prize, you ask? It's my Forgeworld Venerable Dread you can see a couple of posts down. I'll strip it and ship it to whomever wins.

No takers??? I said I'd strip it. I wouldn't want to curse someone else with that abomination....


  1. I'll bite!
    My blog is called "Enter the Nurgling"
    my contact email is: Skullcano ]at[ gmail.com

  2. Sorry just got back into the blogs, I to will have to aprtake in this one as I love a good competition. Don't know what i'm gonna pay forward back with yet.

    my blog is "Archangels"
    contact is: gee_geemarie@bellsouth.net
    im the death from above skull and wings icon.

  3. Man, with only two of you I guess I'll flip a coin for it. Hopefully we have a few more sign ups before tomorrow.

    Can't wait to see what other folks pay it forward with.

    It just goes to show you that the 40K community is the best, by far!

  4. I considered entering, but I don't have anything to give away that I consider valuable enough to exchange for a Venerable Dreadnought kit. I do hope that the chain continues, though.

  5. Chris -

    It doesn't have to be as valuable as anything. It can simply be a set of marines you've painted, some brushes, a painted figure, anything. The idea is that if every blogger "pays it forward" we'll be stronger as a community., so go ahead and come up with something and join!!!

  6. Okay, I'll bite.

    My blog is at: http://chonk34.blogspot.com
    My contact is: chonk34 at yahoo dot com
    I'll probably offer up some Space Marine Scouts or a pile of Catachans if I win.

  7. Cool idea. If there were multiple Pay It Forward contests, the entire blogging community could be giving away stuff all the time! Fantastic!

    contact: indy40k at gmail dot com

    I've got some Eldar and Space Wolves that I can offer.