The Continuing Misadventures of a 40K Noob

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

500 Point List

Wow! I'm just in a posting frenzy lately.

ASs most of you know, I am a complete noob when it comes to actually playing 40K. Recently, though, I found someone locallyt (Dallas, Texas) who has deigned to teach the Noob the finer points of the game.

Our first session is Wednesday, and it's going to be a 500 point game.

I have a pretty good collection of Ultramarines (about 3000 points worth but about 1000 painted)

Anyone have any tips for a good learners 500 point list? Don't worry about thinking about what I've got because I probably have it somewhere.

What's a good learning list for your NOOB to take with him?

Thanks in advance for any tips, guys!

Oh, and don't forget to sign up for the "Pay it Forward" contest to win the Vednerable Dread!!



  1. I would suggest that you simply take an HQ and two Troop choices - something along the lines of a Chaplain and two Tactical units that you can break down into 5-man squads. Nice and simply beginning.

  2. You could mimic what you get in the Black Reach box maybe

  3. Black reach has a good selection myself and the rest of our local gang are in the same league and from our personal experience we have enjoyed a lot more the games where objectives are a must.

    About troop selection as stated before the aobr SM are a great simple option just maybe replace the Terminators with another troop choice.

    in the end your personal experience mostly reflects mine as I have only played in the last 3 months after 10 years collecting. congratulation on start playing.

  4. i'd go with:

    captain w/ power sword

    tactical squad (10) w/ flamer, missile launcher

    tactical squad (10) w/ meltagun, plasma cannon


    bang on 500 points

    gives you a good mix of weapons, and allows you to learn different weapon capabilities.
    as for tactics, split the tactical squads into 5 man units, splitting the special and heavy weapons, and put the captain with the unit that goes into the rhino (probably the one with the meltagun)
    hope that helps :)