The Continuing Misadventures of a 40K Noob

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Templarization has begun

Yes, dear readers, since the thumping I took at Astro I decided to switch armies.  Not wanting to stray too far from the SM codex I know, I settled upon the Templars.  Love their fluff,love their never ending crusades, especially love that once I basecoat them in black I'm 75% done with painting.

One thing I do hate about the codex:  no ironclad dreads.  I say this because I bought said ironclad, built said Ironclad, painted said Ironclad, the looked in the codex:  NO IRONCLAD DREADS NEED APPLY.

I'll throw up some pics of some BT Termies I'm especially proud of, and a legal dread, plus a vee or 2.

Until then, keep rolling 6's


  1. be patient, i'm sure when the Codex gets updated most of the new goodies will be there!

  2. Ahhh!, a fellow Templar, great change I think. I too hope we get an update soon, so we can get Ironclads! Throw some pics of those termies up some time, its motivational to people like me. Thanks for the comments on my blog by the way, look for an update soon.
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